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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

DSC Specializes In Serving Four Key Market Segments

Through four decades of business, DSC has been trusted to meet the life safety and security needs of countless businesses, organizations, and entities, across dozens of vertical markets.  We’ve been privileged and humbled to have earned the trust of so many clients, and have been fortunate over the years to develop notable competencies in a few particular markets.  While we’re pleased to serve any customer, we’re proud to draw attention to the four market segments where our experience and service has granted us a superior level of expertise.

School Security & Safety

Our greatest honor over the past four decades has come in the form of trust.  It’s trust we’ve been granted, countless times, to serve school districts, private schools, colleges, and universities in and around the city of Houston.  That trust comes with a tremendous responsibility; the responsibility to engineer solutions that add a meaningful measure of security and safety for students, faculty, and properties of educational institutions.

At DSC, we have the innovative technology and expertise to enhance the security and safety of practically any campus.  We’ve partnered with leading manufacturers to provide EDU clients with solutions that conveniently integrate and scale, giving you the versatility you need on a tight budget.  We’ve affiliated with many of the leading state cooperatives to make purchasing seamless, and we provide customizable managed services to help our clients fill in the regulatory gaps at a price they can afford.  Whether your a private school of 50 students, or a district of 50,000, DSC has a solution for you.

High School Safety

Serving Government Agencies Texas

Government Agencies and Offices

DSC also specializes in serving clients in government agencies and offices.  We’ve designed solutions for departments and offices at the municipal, county, and state level.  The City of Houston is privileged to serve as host to a number of international consulates, and DSC has the honor and experience of having served in this space as well.

DSC takes great pride in assisting the dedicated men and women working in law enforcement and corrections.  Our team of experienced professionals have extensive experience serving courthouses, law enforcement offices, jails, and prisons.  We understand that assisting in this space requires a qualifying, cumulative body of work, a professionally selected and trained installation team, extraordinary flexibility, and the unique ability to design great solutions that meet or exceed challenging requirements.

Commercial Business

There are few things as diverse and dynamic as the private business sector.  Our solutions provide the versatility needed to meet the stringent financial and performance requirements of virtually any business.

National and multinational clients place a high premium on functionality and performance.  That’s why we’ve built strategic relationships with the most innovative manufacturers in the industry.  Our team can provide solutions incorporating cutting edge integration, next generation video analytics, ultra high definition IP cameras, and more.

Our small and medium sized business clients appreciate our managed security services more than any other group.  We know that small business owners and leaders wear many hats.  There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted partner curate and manage the safety of your people and property, at a price that makes sense.

Commercial and Enterprise Business

Oil & Gas Industrial Refinery

Industrial Business and Enterprise

DSC is proud to serve our many friends and neighbors who work in oil & gas industrial facilities throughout the greater Houston area.  We understand that for leaders in this industry, the safety of your people is your number one priority, and that the safety and security of your assets are of great importance to you.  DSC regularly partners with industrial facilities and enterprises, both large and small.  Through 4 decades in Houston we’ve been pleased to assist clients as they work to enhance the safety of their people and property.

We approach the design of industrial solutions with different priorities in mind.  Environmental concerns rank consistently as one of our highest priorities.  With durability and reliability at a premium, our clients rest assured knowing that our team has extensive experience in engineering customized, hardened solutions, designed to withstand the most rigorous environments.