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A Brief History on A Not-So-Brief History

From "Design Security Controls" to DSC

Design Security Controls was founded over 30 years ago in Houston, TX.  Over those 30 plus years, Design Security Controls has served thousands of clients in and around Southeast Texas.

In the 1990’s, Design Security Controls began to develop a specialization in meeting the emerging CCTV needs of Houston area school districts, ultimately serving nearly 40 districts and countless campuses through the course of the decade.  Steadily, the company began to develop a regional reputation for their quality, knowledge, and attentive service.

The digital boom in the security industry through the new Millennium allowed Design Security Controls to build upon a solid reputation.  An enthusiasm for the IP based technology which powered the next generation of security solutions opened exciting new avenues to government, commercial, and industrial clients.

In 2014 DSC was purchased by native Houstonians, Kate and Ryan Droll.  Kate and Ryan operate DSC today as partners in their business and in marriage.

Today Design Security Controls is known simply as DSC.  DSC’s primary solutions have expanded to include fire alarm and professional sound, in addition to video surveillance, access control, and intrusion systems.

The Heart of DSC

Focused, Committed, and Prepared to Deliver a Great Experience

About DSC Focus


At DSC, we’re passionate about the safety of our clients and their assets.  We evaluate our success by the trust that we earn, and our greatest successes, have never been won through passion alone.  We have an unwavering focus on the delivery of a seamless client experience.  Because it’s not enough to simply trust your solution integrator.  Our clients must feel empowered to leverage their solutions with confidence.

About DSC Experience


To practically deliver a great experience, we utilize a refined process.  We collaborate with our clients through the exercise of “active listening.”  This allows us to accurately define the needs of our client(s), while simultaneously validating our assessment and aligning expectations.  Our project development and design phases leverage this same cycle of assessment, validation, and alignment, ensuring consistent communication and a commitment to partnership with our clients.  Ultimately, this allows us to consistently deliver thoughtfully tailored solutions shaped by purpose, practicality, and context.

About DSC Commitment


Delivering great experiences with security and life safety solutions require an uncompromising commitment.  That’s especially true when selecting products, engineering solutions, and providing support.  DSC boasts relationships with many of the most innovative manufactures in the the security and life safety industry.  But we’ve taken a step beyond that, investing in portal-based technology that provides our clients with access to collaborative project engineering, instant service and support, and exhaustive on-demand archives of service, purchase, and technical records.